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TheTaxBook WebLibrary 1.0

It is an affordable and fast and easy online tax research
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TheTaxBook WebLibrary is an affordable and fast online tax research. It finds information fast, with well-written and easy-to-understand explanations and examples.

Main features:

- TheTaxBook Online: Looks and feels just like TheTaxBook.
- Easy to Search: Use TheTaxBook Index, Table of Contents, or a Keyword Search to find answers fast.
- Up-To-Date Content: TheTaxBook and government documents are updated to reflect new legislation and the latest information released from the IRS.
- Access Anywhere: Available anywhere you have internet access.
- Use Any Device: Access via computer, iPad, or any tablet.
- Bookmarks and History: Find previously viewed documents fast.
- PDF/Printable Format: Print pages from TheTaxBook and/or email pages to your clients.
- TheTaxBook Archives: Your subscription includes access to the 2014 Editions of TheTaxBook, plus archives of previous years' editions.

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